What a busy month we have had since our last newsletter. As I write I am sitting looking over a beautiful African River flowing with water and full of fish.

Many of our South African farmers would be envious as the drought continues its stranglehold over Southern Africa and the heat waves threaten further losses of crops and livestock. If you can, please support your local farmers. There is a food collection drive for farmers in the Cape. The details are on Facebook.

Spring is on the way, and this means that the last few weeks have been spent reconfiguring the hatchery and getting the broodstock ready at the David Fincham Aquaculture farm in Johannesburg.  During a recent training week – 19-22nd August the first fry and eggs were harvested.  It is always a remarkable experience for the students who have never witnessed the process to see, be involved and to witness the miracle of new life. It takes between 8 and 10 days for the eggs to become viable fry, in the correct conditions in the hatchery.

Elections, Sona and Summer are behind us and at David Fincham Aquaculture, we are focusing on the next 6 months with optimism, enthusiasm and determination.

David Fincham Aquaculture and Legae Na Nnete are working on a project proposal and expansion plan for both the Home and for the Aquaculture and Agriculture sectors of the community. This will involve several exciting developments, Going Green, accommodating more residents and becoming a more self-sustaining and commercial agriculture venture.

We trust that the festive season and your holidays were well spent with family and friends and we hope you will have a very happy and successful 2019.

As farmers, whilst we do not get a complete break, things do quieten down, this provides us with the opportunity to take a step back and refocus on we are doing. Whilst 2018 was a good year for our business, there is room for improvement and growth. The number of enquiries and the interest shown continues to grow and we are getting better at understanding the client’s, the industry’s and our own needs.