Aquaculture Production Unit


Aquaculture Production Unit is a ready to farm aquaculture system, designed around Recirculating Aquaculture System principles. It offers a unique and simple way for anyone to enter the world of fish farming with the lowest cost of entry, lowest running costs and lowest technical requirements.

Aquaculture Production Unit can be operational within a few days of installation. All that may be required in addition to Aquaculture Production Unit is a closed greenhouse tunnel, which in turn is dependent on species and site location. Assembly of Aquaculture Production Unit can be completed with the use of very basic tools, a spanner and a screwdriver.  All the filters, pumps, aerators and air stones, bio media is supplied and the Aquaculture Production Unit is assembled and pre-plumbed, once installed can be achieved in a few hours,  it can be filled with water, turned on and stocked with fish.

Each Aquaculture Production Unit is flat packed so that it can be transported easily cost effectively an entire farm can be packed compactly into containers, shipped and erected anywhere.

Farms are built in Modules of a 40x10m Greenhouse with 15 Aquaculture Production Unit systems installed. Each pond is uniquely self-contained and Aquaculture Production Unit is thus uniquely modular, flexible to change and can be fine-tuned in situ without any major expenses being incurred as a consequence.

The system has been designed to be as simple as possible to maintain and to operate. Basic skills are all that is needed and maintenance on the ponds and filters has been kept to the minimum required to achieve the goals of the fish farm on hand.

Aquaculture Production Unit has been designed to be Profitable above all else. The lowest capital cost on the market means that profit margins are higher, and earlier than with other farm models. This lowers financial risk, ensures more financial resilience/sustainability and means higher profits from the outset.

Aquaculture Production Unit can be scaled for any size operation. It is a unique modular self-contained pond format therefore this aspect makes it ideal for small scale farmers to learn the industry and to do so at low financial risk.

Aquaculture Production Unit allows individuals to test fish farming with as little as a single individual pond system for viability. The system has been developed over many years, improved and optimised to ensure that it delivers on what it says it will. The technology is not new, it is a real world, proven fish farming system that has been in use for years in systems housing Tilapia, tropical fish and ornamental Koi. Aquaculture Production Unit will work with many fish species.


  • Individual self-contained tanks
  • Completely scalable and flexible
  • Any species of fish
  • High stocking density up to 30Kg/m3 with standard setups
  • Lowest power consumption model on the market today
  • Fit for purpose. Everything that you need, nothing that you don't
  • Built for local conditions
  • Lowest costs systems in capital and in operating costs, maximising your return
  • Labour efficient low maintenance means more time spent farming, less time spent maintaining
  • Lowest risk system owing to self-contained tanks, individual systems bio security –should any big problems occur they are reduced to manageable ones
  • Easy to back up in power outages thanks to low power consumption
  • Efficient footprint and space utilization
  • Packed into themselves for easy shipping via containers worldwide


Each environment and farmer’s requirements are different and therefore might entail different costs. Below is a guideline to the cost for a single tank production system to farm Tilapia over a 6 month period starting with 250 fingerlings, and adding 250 fingerlings to the system every month for 5 more months.